Getting Married With Pride

Galit Sabag, events photographer, launched a website called Pride at the Chuppah, that gives information about suppliers and service providers needed in order to produce weddings for same sex couples in Israel.


The idea of the website came to Sabag six years ago, when she was just starting out as a photographer and joined a more experienced photographer and videographer to take photos at an event. “It wasn’t a gay event but there was a gay couple there,” Galit told Israeli website WDG. “The videographer who was with us laughed at them for holding hands. Suddenly it hit me how important this subject is: how can an LGBT couple who gets married knows which service providers to choose? One that would not embarrass them at the wedding, wouldn’t laugh at the guests or talk tactlessly?”

Sabag shared the idea with graphic designer Ya’arit David, who became her partner in the building of the website. “We eventually launched the website ‘Gaava Ba’Chuppah’ (‘Pride at the Chuppah’) a year ago, at the week before the Gay Pride Parade,” Galit said. “The website’s goal is to inspire LGBT couples in the planning of their wedding. It has recommendations on suppliers and service providers who connect to the world of weddings, and who are from within the community or allies, who will service the community equally, and would be fun to work with.”

For the official launch of the website, which occurred earlier this month, Galit and Ya’ara produced a special photoshoot of a gay couple’s soccer-themed wedding invitation.

“There’s this stigma about gay men who find interest only in gentle things like ballet, singing, and so on, and for instance soccer would not be related to them,” Galit explains. “The idea here was to break this stigma, and shatter the stigma about LGBT weddings in general. I met with designer and events producer Nitzan Crocker and we decided to pull off this photoshoot together. We took a couple of men, who are also a couple in real life, and shot them on the soccer field at Beit Danny. Each of us brought her suppliers, who all worked purely voluntarily and were so amazing that I ended this day and the collaboration with them in total shock, that was cool.”

In a correspondence with A Wider Bridge, Galit emphasizes the benefits that an LGBT Jewish couple who wants to produce pre-wedding photoshoots in Israel or conduct the ceremony there, can get from her website. “Pride in the Chuppah welcomes every LGBT couple who chooses to declare love,” Galit says. “The website becomes especially relevant to couples who would like to produce a certain part of their wedding in Israel and don’t know the names and companies that work in the LGBT wedding industry. We hope that the website can inspire and guide these couples too.”