“Gays Control Israeli Media”

Two weeks after teenager stabbed to death at Jerusalem Pride Parade, Habayit Hayehudi MK Smotrich claims opinions of 95 percent of population against gays are being silenced.

Israel’s media is controlled by the gay community, which uses it to determine what Israelis think and say, an Israeli lawmaker from the religious-Zionist Habayit Hayehudi party said on Thursday, about two weeks after an ultra-Orthodox man stabbed six people at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, killing a teenage girl.

“There are many, many senior officials in the media market in the State of Israel, those who hold the microphone and determine for all of us what to think and what to say, many, many who are like that (gay),” Smotrich told Galey Israel radio station.

Smotrich accused the media of silencing his position, which he said is shared by most people: “After all I am convinced that 95 percent of the citizens of Israel would very much like for their children to establish beautiful families and give them grandchildren. A healthy person, a normal person, that is what they want.”

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