Gay Pharmacy Ad Causes Stir

Super-Pharm’s ad campaign that premiered last week, displaying families consisting of two fathers and two mothers, caused a stir on social networks and led to threats by homophobe customers that they’d stop buying at the chain’s branches.

“Disgusting. If somebody has a sickness and he likes the same sex – do it in a dark room. To be proud of the sickness, and bring children into the world where they see ‘parents’ of the same-sex requires involuntary hospitalization. You lost me with this commercial, and I hope you’ll spend the money earned from this on drugs,” wrote one of the reactants. “A gay couple raising a child. What a miserable child that child would be. Filth of publicity. I will never go into a Super Pharm again,” wrote another.

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Yesterday, the chainstore distributed an apologetic-tone-comment to the religious ‘knitted’ community. “The advertisement is only on Facebook and in theaters across the country, in order to consider the variety of opinions and the families that exist in Israeli society, and Super Pharm serves them all.”

The Aguda responded harshly to this comment and recommended that LGBT customers stay away from Super Pharm branches: “Super Pharm proves to have no limit to hypocrisy and cynicism. It’s sad to discover that on the one hand the chain store tries to ride on the back of the LGBT community, and be seen as liberal as it approaches thousands of LGBT families living in Israel, and on the other hand, is capitulating to fictitious pressure from dark and LGBTphobic parties with this embarrassing and outrageous response. The chain stores’ attempt to calm things down and make it small only proves once again how deep the gap and the discrimination is. As long as Super Pharm’s position, as expressed in its cowardly response to the homophobic website, stands in place, it is appropriate that hundreds of thousands of LGBT consumers stay away from its branches.”

Super Pharm then commented: “Super Pharm serves the entire range of populations in Israel and respects all of them. We stand fully behind the campaign and are proud of it”.