Gay Daughter of Ultra Orthodox MK Runs for the Parliament

Heidi Moses, UTJ MK Menahem Eliezer Moses’s gay daughter, is running in the next Knesset race for Likud. In a conversation with Jerusalem Post’s ‘Magazine’ she tells of her extraordinary journey.

At age eight, Heidi Moses already knew she was a rebel, but little did she know what the future had in store for her.

The eighth of 10 children from a venerated Vishnitz hassidic family, Moses grew up in an insular environment in Jerusalem’s haredi (ultra- Orthodox) Mea She’arim and Geula neighborhoods, completely unaware of the secular world of downtown Jerusalem just a few blocks away.

Her father, Menahem Eliezer Moses, has been a United Torah Judaism Knesset member since 2009 and before that served as the Education Ministry’s deputy director-general. He has been responsible for haredi education as well as planning and developing nursing homes for the elderly, and housing projects for young couples.

At first, Moses’s rebellion took the form of singing songs with her brother until the wee hours of the night on Shabbat, pretending she was the Vishnitz rebbe.

Then she started going out on weeknights, riding bikes, and basically doing the opposite of everything her mother had told her to do. She played soccer with Sephardi boys in her neighborhood because the Ashkenazi haredi boys wouldn’t play with her and other girls didn’t dare play.
“They called me the boy of the neighborhood,” Moses recalls.

Deciding that their rebel had to be tamed, Moses’s parents sent her to the Vishnitz boarding school in Bnei Brak, where her older sister’s friend became her teacher.
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