Five Years to the Bar Noar Murder

In a ceremony that was held Friday evening to mark five years since the murder at Bar Noar, the LGBT youth center, representatives of various youth movements called on the public to eradicate violent discourse and to promote action for an egalitarian and more accepting society.

Ayala Katz, mother of Nir Katz, who was killed at the Bar Noar, spoke about the manifestations of homophobia and hatred in the past year and also addressed the role of youth in the process of change.

Yuval Eggert, director of the center, proudly announced that the evening was produced by the youth. The initiative and leadership our youth reflect Nir’s legacy. Yuval noted that teenagers guided by Nir at the Bar Noar serve today as guides, and by this continuation a victory over evil is marked.

Council member Miki Gitzin emphasized that expressions of hatred are not made only by a few people and not just with words. We need to put an end to the evil that is rampant on social networks. And all of us – adults and youth – should take responsibility in order to not have to suffer or witness more hate crimes.

Youth representatives talked about LGBT teenagers struggling for their place in society, and that “youth is committed to work for a just and inclusive society in which diversity is an advantage, a society that has room for everyone. Where educational institutions fail to function, youth enters to work for improvement. ”

The Bar Noar murder occurred on August 1, 2009 when an anonymous masked man burst into the youth center on Nahmani Street in Tel – Aviv and shot at the participants. According to the allegations, the murder was premeditated and several people were involved. Liz Trovishi (16) and Nir Katz (26) died from the shooting and others were wounded, some very seriously. Two of the seriously injured are handicapped for life as a result.

Even today, investigators have no clues and the police say that the most expensive investigation in the history of the Tel Aviv police department will remain open for many years.