Feiglin to meet with gay activists

Likud MK Moshe Feiglin will hold a surprising meeting with gay activists at the Tel Aviv ZOA House on Tuesday night.


Sources close to Feiglin said his extremist and intolerant reputation is out of date.

They said he fought in the outgoing Knesset for legalizing marijuana and other issues related to personal freedoms.

“Moshe wants to protect gay rights while fighting equally for maintaining normative families,” a Feiglin associate said.

Feiglin last held a high profiled meeting with homosexuals from across the political spectrum in February 2013.

He canceled another meeting with the gay community in March 2013 after he received complaints from key supporters in the United States.

Feiglin wrote an article in 2007 in which he declared himself “a proud homophobe.”

But his views on the issue have changed since then.

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