Extremist Israeli politician rejected

The mother congregation of Australia’s Jewish community has closed its doors to a visiting extremist Israeli politician who has publicly condemned homosexuals and dubbed Palestinians “bandits”.

The newly-minted chief minister and rabbi of The Great Synagogue in Sydney, Benjamin Elton, said Moshe Feiglin was not welcome. “He wouldn’t be welcome here,” Dr Elton said. “I’m absolutely opposed to any sexism, racism or homophobia.”

Mr Feiglin, who once referred to Palestinians as a “gang of bandits”, is speaking across Sydney and Melbourne venues this week.

The former Likud Knesset member and deputy speaker, is trying to secure financial backing for his new political party in Israel called Zehut (Identity).

He was banned from entering Britain in 2008 for “fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK”. The following year, he wrote an article titled “I am a proud homophobe”. Fairfax Media understands Mr Feiglin has Australian citizenship.

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