Eurovision Artists From 25 Countries Visit Israel

“Israel Calling,” a pre-Eurovision Song Contest concert, will take place in Tel Aviv for the second year in a row Twenty-five artists selected to represent their countries in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev next month arrived yesterday for a 4-day tour of Israel, and a joint performance before the big competition.

Robin Bengtsson from Sweden in Ben Gurion Airport. One of the top 3 favorite to win.

Artists from Ireland, Denmark, Latvia, Armenia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, San Marino, Norway, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta, Serbia, Georgia, Belarus, Finland, Poland and France – all participating in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017 – arrived in Israel yesterday (April 3) for a four-day trip to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Herzliya, during which they will plant trees in the KKL Forest like their counterparts did last year.

The highlight of their visit will be the live performance on Wednesday (April 5), when they will perform their competing songs to a crowd of Israeli fans and local and international press. This is going to be the biggest promo show ever held in the history of the competition, which has run for over sixty years.

Singer Nathan Trent from Austria celebrated his birthday in Israel yesterday

Visiting Jerusalem today with #israelcalling ??? Follow me on insta stories for more!

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The project was initiated by Israeli producer Tali Eshkoli, and is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism, the Jerusalem and Heritage Office, the Jewish National Fund, the Herzliya Municipality, StandWithUs and the Tel Aviv Municipality.

“This is a great opportunity for the artists and journalists to come to Israel and enjoy their stay, see the landscapes and the sites and meet the Israelis,” Tali Eshkoli told Israeli LGBT website WDG.

The semi finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will take place on May 9 and 11, and the Eurovision Final will be held on Saturday, May 13. According to the betting odds, the top three to win Eurovision this year are Italy, Bulgaria and Sweden. Israel is represented by singer Imri Ziv and the song “I Feel Alive.”

The Eurovision Song Contest final will be broadcast live in America on Logo Channel.