Homophobic Graffiti at London’s JW3

Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis described the anti-LGBT vandalism at the Jewish Community Centre London (JW3) as “divisive and destructive”; Tom Ross-Williams, star of one of the plays in the event, has invited the vandals to his show in a bid to try and educate them.

Britain’s Chief Rabbi has strongly condemned the homophobic vandalism of a banner at the JW3 community centre late last week, describing it as “unacceptable”.

A poster advertising the Jewish community centre’s GayW3 festival was defaced in the early morning last Thursday.

The perpetrator, who was caught on camera, daubed the word “SHAME” on the poster. The video of the incident has been passed on to the police.

In a statement issued today, Rabbi Mirvis said: “As I have made clear previously, homophobia is unacceptable and we must have zero tolerance for it.

“There is no excuse for vandalism. Seeking out conflict is divisive and destructive – nothing positive can come of agitating for public protest and disharmony.”

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Tom Ross-Williams, star of RUN, one of the plays in the event, has made the bold move to invite the vandals to his show in a bid to try and educate them.

He told PinkNews: “When I saw the graffiti on the poster at JW3, I immediately thought that if these vandals saw the one man play RUN that I’m performing there, they would know that gay love is nothing to be ashamed of and that being homophobic is absurd… essentially what you’re doing is banning love.

“I’ve bought two tickets for the vandals who defaced the sign to see RUN on Wednesday night at JW3. The tickets will be at the box office waiting to be collected.”

He added: “I hope the vandals come and see that there are as many ways to be Jewish as there are ways to be a human, and being LGBT+ and Jewish are not at odds.”

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