Ben Shapiro Says Being Transgender Is ‘Mental Illness’

Ben Shapiro, the 32-year-old right-wing pundit and leading target of online anti-Semites, won over a crowd of mostly Orthodox students at Yeshiva University with jabs at transgender people, liberals and non-Orthodox Jews.

Shapiro spoke of the importance of being a mensch, but was less kind when it came to describing his televised encounter with a transgender activist a year and half ago.

He went on to lay out his worldview on transgender people.

“Transgender people are unfortunately suffering from a significant mental illness that is deeply harmful, and it’s not a solution to pretend that transgender people are the sex that they think they are in their head,” Shapiro said in the Monday speech. “Biology is biology; men can’t magically become women, and women can’t magically become men.”

“Torah Judaism does not support social justice,” Shapiro said. “The Torah explicitly says that poor people should not be preferred over rich people.”

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