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Beit Daniel, The Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

BeitDaniel_newlogo-Featured-1Situated in Tel Aviv, the cultural heart of Israel, Beit Daniel aims to be a model of a community based on equality and pluralism.  The community is led by Rabbi Meir Azari.

Serving both as a community center and a synagogue, Beit Daniel, the Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, stands on three pillars: learning, prayer and social justice.

Beyond running 16 kindergartens and 2 primary schools, Beit Daniel also provide adult education classes, lectures, concerts, life cycle events, and much more. Over 200 Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, 350 weddings, 100 conversions, and numerous programs based on education and t´filot took place at the Daniel Centers (Beit Daniel and its two sister congregations) this year.

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