Banned 1995 Guinness Ad Becomes a Hit

Author: Yanir Dekel
Published: November 15, 2012

In 1995 an ad for the beer brand Guinness, that showed a couple of men in their home, was censored. Fifteen years later it was uploaded to the web, and 2 years after that it became a web sensation!

A gay couple kissing on the cheek was too much for the world of advertisement in 1995, according to the ‘Guinness’ beer company, so a commercial that was produced in America that year under the title ‘Men and Women Shouldn’t Live Together’, never went on air, as the heads of the company feared a negative reaction after British tabloids described it as controversial and wrong. Later that year, the company even denied producing the commercial. Seventeen years later, and this week the ad went viral and became a YouTube sensation.

The ad shows two different kinds of men: one is a tidy and clean, stay-at-home guy who leads the audience to believe he’s a woman at the beginning of the ad, and the other one is a messy businessman going to work in the morning. The sountrack of the ad is Tammy Wynette’s classic ‘Stand By Your Man.’

“Those men are a gay couple,” said then-creative director Tony Kay, “and with this storyline I believe we could’ve sold more beer if the ad went on air.”

It’s better late than never!

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  • Kathy Garey Hickey

    LOVE this!

  • David A Rosenthal

    Great commercial!

  • Jamie Heller

    they should’ve aired it in 95, it was cute :) i don’t see the issue in it at all.

  • Lazaro Leon

    And this is actually my favorite beer.

  • Tom Mullen

    This was ONCE banned..but not anymore…

  • Kevan Wong

    This makes me love Guinness even MORE.
    HOWEVER, should have run earlier….

  • Roger Prescott

    Cool Commercial…would have made me buy a few!

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  • Steven Patterson

    1995…oh the days of oppression seem just like yesterday

  • John Melland

    That’s cool! Loved this commercial!

  • Jamie Skiles

    I remember seeing this on youtube in the last couple of years but didn’t know that it was made in 1995! That’s around the time I came out to everyone.

  • Daniel Reeders

    Self-censored isn’t ‘banned’.

  • Laura Lee

    But what’s it got to do with Guinness?

  • Phillip Baird

    Love it!

  • Curtis Jensen

    I object to the ad because the men are clearly such pigs. That could almost be a sexy homoerotic episode of hoarders.

  • Mike Morris

    I’ve seen this before but it was just as much fun this time, LOL

  • Wesley Cole

    wow :)

  • rlphsil

    Great Beer…..and an ad ahead of it’s time. Thanks for bringing it back.

  • Kyle Michel Sullivan

    Love it…especially the Diana Dors comment. Classy broad.

  • calboy2


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