Australia: Jewish MPs criticised for gay marriage stance

A controversial rabbi says Jewish members of the Australian House of Representatives who support same sex marriage have ‘gaps’ in their ‘spiritual literacy.’

RabbiShimonCowenAustralia’s three federal Jewish MPs, Josh Frydenbery, Labor’s Michael Dandy and Mark Dreyfuss, all support legalising same-sex marriage.

The Institute for Judaism and Civilization Dr Shimon Cowen has told Sky News that while all three men can still call themselves Jewish, they have ‘gaps’ in their religious learning.

‘There is something called spiritual literacy, and a lot of us are missing it,’ he said.

‘We have trained in professions, we’re experts in various areas, but how much have we studied our own spiritual teachings.’

‘With all due respect to these three politicians, who I know and like and admire, I feel there is gaps in their own spiritual literacy and while they are doing good things for the community a piece has dropped out from their own experience.’

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