Aguda’s 20th Rosh Hashana Dinner

The traditional LGBT dinner for Rosh Hashana, organized by the Aguda, will take place tonight, Rosh Hashana eve, for the 20th time.

The 20th anniversary dinner will start tonight at 7pm (Israel time) at Café Landver in Gan Meir, Tel Aviv. “Family tradition never stops,” the invitation states. “Unfortunately, even in 2014 many in our community still aren’t accepted by their families to sit at the table with their partners and we want to ensure that no one will be alone this Rosh Hashana.”

The traditional Rosh Hashana dinner started in 1994 with the original idea of helping LGBT people who were thrown out of their homes because of their sexual orientation, and not to leave them alone on the eve of the new Jewish year. Through the years, the event has grown and has also become an event for people who want to celebrate the holiday as a community.

The Rosh Hashana dinner is free and the whole event is organized by volunteers.

“Our intention is not to leave a single LGBT person outside of the celebration of the new year,” Alon Madar, organizer of the event, told the Israeli website Mako. “If you have a financial difficulty, or your family excludes you, and you don’t have a place to celebrate, or even if you just want to celebrate together with other LGBT people as a community, we are waiting for you.”