Aguda’s new campaign against LGBTphobia

A new campaign of the Aguda asks the public to publish their personal stories and reveal cases of discrimination against LGBT people in Israel. The campaign runs under the slogan “Do you have a story on discrimination? Take it out of the closet”.

The new campaign was launched in social media, newsletters and on various community websites. At the same time, it will be distributed by student organizations in Israel, in the various academic institutions.

The campaign was officially launched a day before the gay pride parade in Tel Aviv, intending to raise awareness of LGBTphobia. In recent years there have been increasing voices who question the need for a gay pride parade in Israel, saying that “the community is in excellent condition and there is no discrimination.” However, according to many reports, people in the community are still being exposed to discrimination, violence and LGBTphobia every day all over the country. Many of these cases are not published and are not brought to the attention of the general Israeli public, and this is why it seems as if they do not exist.

The Aguda is calling on members of the LGBT the community to get their stories on discrimination out of the closet and share them with the surrounding environment, whether it is in the media, in social media or in their living room conversations.

According to Noam Harel, director of Public Campaigns at the Aguda, who promoted the project with the cooperation of advertising agency Drori-Shlomi, “the campaign takes the beautiful theoretical words about equality and calls for action: for members of the gay community to share stories of discrimination and LGBTphobia cases from which they have suffered – with the general public . ”

Chairman of the Aguda, Shai Doitsh, thanked the advertising agency and the Student Union for the cooperation and for the mobilization to promote the issue. “Many good companions are helping this campaign to succeed, and we thank them all. What remains is to show the public that discrimination and LGBTphobia are still here – and should be taken care of.”