A Wider Bridge: Ronit Bezalel

Ronit Bezalel, Digital Media Manager, brings a background in social justice filmmaking, journalism, photography and marketing to A Wider Bridge. She is a correspondent for the Times of Israel, where she serves as both a writer and photographer.  Ronit is deeply committed to supporting Israel’s LGBTQ communities. In 2012, she held an internship at the Jerusalem Open House, where she assisted with marketing and development.

Ronit began her career at the National Film Board of Canada in 1994 where she directed the award-winning “When Shirley Met Florence,” about two Jewish women who had been friends for 55-years. Her most recent film, 70 Acres in Chicago:
Cabrini Green
, is a look at issues of urban planning and gentrification. Newsweek magazine selected Ronit as one of the “Top 10 Women of the 21st Century” for her film activism.

Born to an Israeli father and a British mother, Ronit Bezalel grew up in the UK, the United States and Canada. She credits this global background as helping her bring increased sensitivity and awareness into her work.




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