2016 Guide to Tel Aviv

Best Gay City of 2012, the city that never sleeps, World’s sexiest city, World’s Smartest City, Best City for Young People: Tel Aviv has had many names and was included in many ‘Best Of’ lists. Here’s your 2016 guide to this magical city, based on all that was written about it in 2015! Got a recommendation to add? Please post it in the comments. We’re collecting recommendations from all Tel Aviv lovers!

Places to Visit

From the Jaffa Port to the Tel Aviv Port, from Habima Square to Rabin Square and from Dizengoff Center to Meir Park – Israeli news website Ynet gives a few recommendations for tourists visiting the White City.

Top 12 Things to do: Tel Aviv is a cacophonous mixtape of heritage that offers an exciting melting pot of cuisines, cultural traits, accents and world-views. WOW Travel

When it rains: Your vacation in the sun turned into survival in the storm. Here are some cool ideas for things to do in Tel Aviv when the weather blows.

Israel’s Beit Hatefutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, is undergoing a total redesign, including changing its name from Museum of the Jewish Diaspora Museum. Worth a visit in 2016 even if you have been there before.

Travel website Trip Advisor has launched a page for Tel Aviv’s famous Dizengoff Street. “The classic street for a stroll when visiting Tel Aviv.” Read what people wrote

Israelis just took their love of partying to a new level: A “morning” out:  kicking off at 6:30 am with a group yoga session immediately followed by dancing till 9 am. Read more


The city of Tel Aviv has partnered with Airbnb to create a guide to the city that includes layers of interactive content. read more

Tel Aviv’s quiet, unassuming Nahmani Street is home to what is currently the best boutique hotel in the world, according to the U.S. travel magazine Jetsetter, which bestowed the annual honor on the Norman, a fancy little establishment that opened its lavish doors last year. read more


World’s Best Vegetarian Food: An impressive wave of vegetable-centric restaurants are taking Israel’s biggest city by storm: Conde Nast Traveler magazine gives us a tour of Tel Aviv’s finest vegetarian restaurants.

Baked or fried, cheap or expensive, with jam or marzipan – after eating dozens, Haaretz’s editorial staff rank Israel’s tastiest sufganiyot- from top bakeries in Israel. See the list

From Givatayim’s renowned Sabich Shel Oved – a simple eggplant-sandwich shop with lines snaking around the corner — to lesser-known places like Chachaporia Georgian cuisine in Jerusalem, the new e-book “Israel’s Top 100 Ethnic Restaurants”provides the English-speaking tourist a window into the delectable, folksy Israeli foods that locals have raved about for years. Read more

Where to Eat: Tel Aviv is the home to some of the most distinguished chefs and restaurants, has quickly become Israel’s culinary hotspot. read more


Tel Aviv’s Artsy Bars: Tel Aviv is not one of those cities that, at first glance, seems glamorous or pristine. But there’s something about that rawness, the whole gritty reality of its uncompromising realism, that makes Tel Aviv such an incredible place to visit—especially when the lights go out.


Elton John on May 26, 2016: The legendary gay singer-songwriter will play in Israel for fourth time in his career next summer. More details

LGBT Theater: With dozens of productions premiering every year, the cultural department at the LGBT center in Tel Aviv is now becoming independent. The theater hall is now being launched as a professional independent theater by itself. Read more